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Kicking off its 70-day-long 70th Anniversary celebrations, the luxury fashion house takes to Milan Fashion Week.

When looking to celebrate a milestone in a brand’s history, it is safe to say that one of the best places to do so is one of the most respected fashion hubs in the world. And, Moncler knows this.

With its 70th anniversary in full swing, the beloved luxury fashion house has looked to commence a 70-day-long affair amidst the buzz of Milan Fashion Week. Setting a precedent for brands far and wide, Moncler, with the help of revered avant-garde French choreographer Sadeck Berrabah, is taking over the Piazza del Duomo for its latest show – a show set to be of an unparalleled scale and grandeur. Debuting tomorrow at 9 PM, the upcoming event has set a truly anticipatory tone in the Moncler community, one that is sure to manifest in one of the best displays this fashion month has to offer.

And, while this spectacle is one sure to make a statement, that is not where the excitement ends. With an aptly designed infinity logo, which masterfully links the unmistakable Moncler mountain cockerel with the number 70, standing as the symbol of celebration here, shoppers and fashion month attendees alike are invited to indulge in the fun, all around the globe. With an immersive exhibition, detailing the rich heritage and innovative future the brand can be associated with, set to tour New York, London, Tokyo and Seoul over the coming months, fans worldwide are encouraged to delve into the Moncler archives. And, should you be looking to invest in a commemorative addition to your wardrobe, the house invites its customers to shop a limited-edition version of its famed Moncler Maya down jacket, for a short time only, in ode to its ever-evolving codes.

With countless other events also littering the brand’s upcoming schedule, it becomes clear that this is a celebration worthy of the name and that Moncler’s 70th year is shaping up to be a spectacular one.

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