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If you’ve been waiting for goggles to finally have their own moment as a necessary piece in fashion, your wait is now over. Moncler’s latest Lunettes drop features both city style and traditional ski wear goggles, securing the luxury brand as the first to offer multiple selections in the category.

Creating a new dialogue within fashion that defies seasonal accessories, the expanded Lunettes collection is made to be worn anywhere and everywhere. Designed and made in Italy, each set of goggles has its own distinct fashion and functionality.

Bringing a futuristic aesthetic to an iconic retro silhouette, Moncler’s lightweight goggles are designed for all-day eyewear. With bold and necessary colors like black, white, and red, these city-style goggles mark a new era for alpine-inspired eyewear.

The Terrabeam Goggles on the other hand are made for action. Designed for the harshest winter elements, this high-performance ski goggle seamlessly blends the best of technological research with Moncler’s classic design. Featuring a photochromic option with advanced lenses that darken on exposure to sunlight, the Terrabeam Goggles are the most luxe pair of protective eyewear the slopes have seen.

Whether you’re in the mountains or the city, Moncler’s goggles are 2022’s must-have accessory for those looking to take their eyewear game to the next level. The full collection is now available at


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