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In this spring/summer 2023 collection, the Moncler Grenoble collection for women and men consists of technical and versatile garments that can be layered according to needs and desires. The goal is to offer the public a wardrobe suitable for all weather conditions and activities, all year round.

The collection pays attention to every technical detail; each garment is easy to wear and allows for agility and adaptation to any outdoor condition.

The men’s and women’s collections pay special attention to innovation, incorporating internal phone pockets, waterproof zippers and GORE-TEX technology. Versatility perfectly integrated by the collection’s must-haves: reversible POLARTEC® HIGH LOFTTM stretch fleece cardigans and vests, embellished with snap closures and bomber collars, are perfect for layering with cozy textured fleeces, or neon colored nylons.

The ultralight wind jackets are designed to withstand low temperatures and rain and feature removable gloves with touch technology. After use, they can simply be stored in their own pocket. The skin-friendly, mid-weight garments are designed with patented SENSITIVE® FABRICS® fabrics that are ultra-comfortable, allow the body to breathe and dry quickly after physical activity.

In this collection, Moncler is not only concerned with the technicality and speed of the garments, but also with their beauty and presentation. A neutral, easy-to-wear color palette is punctuated by touches of pink (women’s collection) and acid orange and cobalt blue (men’s collection).


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