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  • Maria Cristina Pavarini

Moncler launches Born To Protect line

As part of its Born To Protect Sustainability Plan, a wide-reaching strategy launched in October 2020 that aims to develop sustainability in the coming years and further integrate social and environmental responsibility into its business model, Moncler has just launched The Moncler Born To Protect range of jackets for men, women and kids. The items are made with sustainable materials and built to meet three of the five strategic drivers of this strategy–climate action, circular economy, fair sourcing, enhancing diversity and giving back to local communities.

One of the pillars they match with is climate action, as every material in the Moncler Born to Protect jackets is sustainable. Fabrics and accessories, with the exception of down, are recycled ensuring a reduction of roughly 40% of CO2 emissions.

A second principle this selection meets is circular economy, because fabrics and accessories including zips and buttons are made of Econyl nylon, a regenerated nylon derived from ocean and land-based waste, ensuring the re-use of materials wherever possible.

The third pillar of the collection is inspired by is fair sourcing as for all Moncler apparel, down is 100% DIST (Down Integrity System and Traceability) certified, ensuring traceability and high farming standards through a scientific approach all along the supply chain. The down, derived exclusively from geese farmed for the purpose of meat, is a byproduct of the food chain.

All the Moncler Born to Protect jackets of this release come in black. As sustainability is for everyone, all the time, the jackets are created in a color that can work in every occasion. Completing The Moncler Born to Protect insignia in the outer, and inner detailing is Monduck, a plumed character printed on the lining of Moncler jackets since the 1960s.

The research of sustainable materials is extended to the packaging: all paper is sourced from responsibly managed forests, and in addition to this, the shopping bags and gift boxes also include recycled paper.

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