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Summer is just around the corner, and Moncler is looking to make the season theirs.

The Italian luxury house recently debuted its Summer 2023 campaign as photographed by Thierry Le Goués. In the aesthetically-pleasing visuals, we catch glimpses of Moncler's latest collection, which sees the label reimagine classic silhouettes with summer-worthy flair.

The results? A breadth of garments fit for the warmer season and ready for whatever those days bring — "come rain or shine," per a press statement by the brand.

Outerwear is naturally plentiful (after all, it's Moncler we're talking about here). Silhouettes like the Bady, Gles, and Lins parka are lightweight and rendered in seasonal hues of pink, orange, mint green, and sky blue.

There's also a couple of relaxed tees, pullovers, and even swimwear up for the taking, again stamped with the label's unmistakable logo and a monogram pattern.

And last but not least, accessories like the semi-rimmed wraparound sunglasses and bucket hats close out Summer '23, evoking the spirit of summer — as done the Moncler way, of course.

In case you're wondering, Moncler Summer 2023 collection is now available on Moncler's website and at select Moncler boutiques.

Moncler may be the king of winter, with years worth of beloved down jackets to prove it (including the 70-year-old Maya). However, the Italian luxury house is year-round, baby — and its Summer 2023 collection is a testament to that.


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