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  • Brooke Marine

Naomie Harris Went Classic with a Twist For Givenchy’s Fall 2022 Show

For her look at Givenchy’s fall 2022 Paris Fashion Week show, actress Naomie Harris wanted to take a step in a different direction. Not usually one to wear all black on a red carpet, the Swan Song actress turned to the dark side, and opted for an elegant black suit instead. “I absolutely love vibrant color,” she told W after attending the goth spectacle helmed by Matthew M. Williams. “But the superbly tailored and simple, clean lines of the Givenchy black suit spoke to me, and I decided with my stylist Alexandra Cronan that it was the perfect fit for Matthew’s show. The suit is totally representative of my style: classic with a modern slant.”

As for accessories, the actress also wanted to make sure anything she wore would allow for the suit and its elegant tailoring to be the star of the show. “I think adding anything would in fact have detracted from the beauty and elegance of the suit,” she said. She also allowed herself to fangirl a little bit, and told the house’s creative director all about her love for his craft. “It’s amazing how a suit can make you feel so damn good, but when it’s crafted by a genius like Matthew M. Williams, it totally can!” Below, go inside Harris’s pared down glam process at Paris Fashion Week before she attended Givenchy’s rather emo Fall 2022 spectacle.

“I had the privilege of getting ready with the makeup legend Mary Greenwall, and the incredible hairdresser Peter Lux, who I’ve been working with for almost a decade now. I love working with Peter because he is an expert in Black hair and how to blend extensions seamlessly so no one can tell I’m wearing them. Even my close friend whom I met at the show thought my hair had miraculously changed color and grown overnight!”

“I love working with Mary because she’s so skilled that I can just relax and let her do her thing and know she’ll create a look that fits perfectly with whatever I’m wearing.”

“The suit is totally representative of my style… classic with a modern slant.”

“Givenchy sent some gorgeous jewelry to complement the suit, but ultimately I decided that the suit spoke for itself, and apart from a silver omega watch, I decided it didn’t need any additional adornment.”

“I’m absolutely obsessed with my final look for the Givenchy show, it’s so crisp, elegant, and sexy… it’s amazing how a suit can make you feel so damn good but when it’s crafted by a genius like Matthew M. Williams, it totally can!”

“I’m a huge fan of Matthew’s, so I was so thrilled to wear one of his designs and to have the opportunity to tell him in person just how much I admire his creativity. It was just as big a delight to discover that as well as being an incredible designer, he’s a warm, down to earth, charismatic and super humble person. I admire him even more now!”

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