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New Balance Adds Swarovski Crystals To The 574

Although New Balance boasts a rich heritage with several iconic pieces of footwear, their most popular silhouette ever may very well be the New Balance 574. Over its three decades-plus on the market, the 574 has grown to become a beloved casual sneaker, recognized the world over for its old-school athletic look. With their NB1 customization platform, New Balance gave their customers the opportunity to tweak the 574 to their liking, switching out materials and colors as they saw fit, and now an ultra-luxe embellishment has been made available via the NB1 service: Swarovski crystals. A wide variety of colors and materials are available to use for the shoe’s base and accents, while a pair of Swarovski crystal colors — “Rosé” and “Peacock” — can then be called upon to decorate the large midfoot logo. Each pair comes completed with a special extra set of ribbon laces to complement the selected crystal color, and is also packaged with a lace jewel, shoe bag, and premium bespoke box. If you’re looking to swath your shoes in Swarovski, the special 574s can now be customized on for $300 USD.


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