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Omega Releases New Summer Style Sunglasses

While you grab the Speedmaster Professional, don’t forget the matching Omega sunglasses.

While timepieces are viewed as an essential accessory, it’s key to remember that a pair of sunglasses should also be a part of your everyday carry. Omega is one of the only brands to feature both luxury timepieces and eyewear as part of its collection. The brand is now proud to announce that three new head-turning styles are being added to the lineup, featuring new frame shapes and lens colors. The new Omega Eyewear Collection is presented as a sport-focused lineup including a rectangular geometric design with a lightweight metal structure; a classically inspired panto design; and a fierce pilot design with an aluminum frame, double bridge and clean-cut geometries. Also included is an updated pilot-style defined by customized milling of the metal rims. Again, all styles are offered in a variety of colors and lenses. The all-new Omega Eyewear Collection is currently via waitlist with availability for pre-order through an authorized dealer or on Omega’s website.


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