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Rimowa celebrate the spirit of summer with their colourful new collection

The tropical hues are perfect for reminding us of what lies ahead, even if it's a long weekend at your nearest beach.

After a seemingly endless winter, it’s like we’ve never waited so long for the arrival of summer. Long days on the beach, the sun at its zenith, and the sensation of spray and sand on your skin. With international travel seemingly off the cards for most this year, that might mean a beach within driving distance — any beach seems desirable at this point, as many of us have discovered the joys of local travel, as long as we can be outside. It is precisely this feeling of summer that inspired the new Rimowa collection and its pastel shades, Mango and Bamboo, like a reminiscence of the far reaches of Thailand. This new palette evokes a sunset over a tropical beach, or the hopefully even more tropical swimwear you’ll be wearing in your friend’s back garden.

From this explosion of sensations and colors, the German brand, famous for its famous polycarbonate suitcase, wanted to keep only the essentials. The mango color recalls the bright and sunny orange as a dazzling nod to Thailand, while the bamboo offers a softer shade and echoes the soothing properties of this plant with multiple virtues. In total monochrome, the new Rimowa range presents new key accessories such as the shoulder bag that can be worn like a mini-Rimowa directly on the jersey, or the iPhone 12 cases which punctuate a rounded and curved summer look.

The video campaign directed by Samuel Rixon presents the cases in pastel, refined and monochrome settings, where the radiance of Rimowa colors is matched by scenes of summer life. From beach to sunset, Rimowa offers you a one-way trip to summer. A well-deserved endless summer.


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