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RIMOWA Prepares Us For An Exciting Journey Ahead Of The New Year

There's something to be said about the journey that lies ahead, and RIMOWA, our ever-faithful companion, knows just how to start the conversation. 2020 has had most of us at a standstill, but we're optimistic that our journeys will continue moving forward in the coming months.

In a touching new campaign, LA-based Spanish filmmaker Santos Bacana, juxtaposes multiple themes and paradoxes into a thirty-second film. In it, he utilises RIMOWA to highlight the significance of enduring relationships while also acknowledging the importance of setting forth on individual journeys. Using nostalgia to drive his artistic vision, the thirty-second film is filmed in a vignette style that pays homage to the importance of past events and realisations. However, the overall theme — of setting forth — is exuberant and optimistic.

The entire campaign, which is entitled "Gifts For The Journey Ahead", shows RIMOWA luggage as a symbolic gift, one that reminds us that despite our collective period in isolation, that our dreams of taking to the road are as alive as ever. The holiday campaign also takes time to explore feelings of gratitude towards those that support us in our journey, just as the luggage itself inevitably will.

Needless to say, RIMOWA is the perfect gift for all the people you know whose wanderlust continues to thrive. In whatever journey or adventure we face, it's always nice to know that we have the support of our most loyal friends and companions.

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