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  • Noel Khoo

Rimowa's debut eyewear collection is the epitome of modern classic

The German luggage manufacturer redefines functionary luxury with its first eyewear collection.

Rimowa introduces its first-ever eyewear collection, which is set to launch worldwide on 9th July 2020 for both online and in-store sales.

For over a century, Rimowa is known as the most desired travel companion for its top-notch quality and classic designs and this year, the German luggage manufacturer continues to reinvent itself with an eyewear collection debut – a fitting match for your sleek Rimowa luggage.

Designed to complete every trip and journey, the eyewear collection stays authentic to Rimowa’s philosophy of functionary luxury and timeless chic aesthetic whilst promising utter comfort for the wearer.

Featuring two genderless sunglasses line, Rimowa Bridge and Rimowa Rim, in addition to an optical range Rimowa Air, the debut collection introduces a line-up of designs inspired by the ever classic silhouettes like the aviator, square and pantos – all refined by Rimowa’s mastery in materials and craftsmanship.


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