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Roberto Cavalli Pre-Fall 2019

Take a solid base of bold and impactful ready-to-wear, add two spoons of statement accessories and mix in a pinch of the brand’s signature. Pre-Fall collections seem to be following a certain recipe for years. It’s these clothes that most people shop for when buying into the brand, and therefore they represent a great mix of aspiration and reality that opens up to its wearer’s interpretation. But it’s brands that take it to the next level, those adding just an extra bit of spice into the mix, that stand out. One of them is Roberto Cavalli, the Italian fashion house spearheaded by Brit designer Paul Surridge. For his second Pre-Fall offering at Cavalli, Surridge digs deep into the heritage of bold animal prints and impeccable craftsmanship in order to find his own take on the recipe for success. It’s all quintessentially Cavalli – with a sense of travel and glamour, but keeping in with the refined vision of sex-appeal. And so very 2019.

Without a doubt, Surridge doesn’t yearn for the past. There’s no sign of retro sensibilities in here. Every silhouette, every look, even every single piece – it all feels completely fresh, a contemporary interpretation of the brand’s legacy that’s here to inspire your future wardrobe refresh. A definite standout from the collection are the pieces printed with the artwork of Chilean artist José Pedro Godoy. While Godoy usually intertwines realistic erotica with the richness of tropical flora and fauna, some of his work directly interpret Cavalli’s visual language. Those are the pieces that now come the full circle, with sharp tailoring carrying the reproduction of his tropical forest scenarios. Our shopping list for next autumn just got longer. Much, much longer.


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