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Yes, you read that right. I wrote CELINE, not Céline.

Before I get into things, I want to make one thing clear: I love Phoebe Philo. In fact, I adore her. Worship her. Her tenure at Céline is amazing in so many ways, and I've spent many hours combing through Vestiaire Collective and The RealReal for her iconic "Old Céline" pieces, but I could never see myself wear Céline ready-to-wear during her time at the fashion house.

Unfortunately, I'm not a Céline woman. I am riddled with chaotic Gen-Z energy, live in a small London apartment, and think saving money means eating pasta with pesto for a whole week. I have never been that classy Céline woman with her effortlessly chic lifestyle but I've always admired from afar, never quite crossing the line from observer to customer.

That was until Hedi Slimane took over. He famously changed everything we knew about the brand after Philo's 10-year reign, controversially ditched the accent in Céline, and created the house's first-ever menswear collection and fragrances.

I'll be the first to admit that it took Slimane a little time to really get into the groove at CELINE (yes, R.I.P the accent). The first few collections didn't have me excited, but then it slowly started picking up – and no one does tailoring and shape quite like Mr. Slimane.

This year following months of lockdown and existential dread, I was wandering around Selfridges one evening when everything had finally opened back up, and there they were. The perfect pair of jeans. You may think I'm exaggerating, but I would call myself a denim enthusiast (dare I say, hobby collector?) and have spent time scouring vintage shops in Japan, visiting authentic denim and indigo-dye shops such as my favorite place, Okura.

I've dived deep into LA's rails of old Levi's denim, spent hundreds of dollars on Vetements x Levi's jeans (that are also fantastic, by the way), but alas, I wouldn't give any of the pairs I've previously owned the "perfection" stamp.

Picture this: You're in the fitting room, and you put on a $650 pair of jeans. They fit perfectly. It is almost like they were molded to your body. I gasp. The sales associate gasps. All of a sudden, the world stops. These are the PERFECT jeans. Did I have $650 available? Not really, but I was willing to eat pasta with pesto for months if it meant I could own these jeans. So I pulled the trigger, and I've not regretted it since.

Before you doubt me, I'll tell you that I'm five feet and four inches tall. I am not a CELINE model (but I could be — call me!) and always have trouble with trousers because they're always either way too long, waist is too big, thighs are too tight – you name it. Also, let me go into detail about the technical aspects of the jeans for those that are interested.

All of CELINE's denim is made in Japan, ensuring top quality and dye. My particular pair, the "Tomboy Jeans" in a Sunshine Wash denim come with a straight leg, mid-rise fit, as well as small "Triomphe" chains in gold at front. The jeans also feature engraved zippers and buttons, adding that last little touch that may (or may not) justify the price tag.

These may be my first pair of CELINE jeans, but there's no doubt there will be more. I'm already eyeing the baggy pair from Slimane's latest Summer 2022 CELINE HOMME collection, and plenty more on the womenswear side. I've also added a pair of CELINE loafers to my ever-growing collection, so it is safe to say my obsession isn't going anywhere.

So, I may never be a Céline woman, but I am absolutely a CELINE girl.


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