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Stella McCartney Corrals Rabbits, Cows, and a Goat for New Campaign

The spring 2023 ad campaign also features the animal-loving human Madelyn Cline.

Madelyn Cline stars in Stella McCartney's spring/summer ad campaign. COURTESY OF STELLA MCCARTNEY

ANIMAL CROSSING: Stella McCartney has said “yes” to fur in her latest campaign, which was photographed at The Gentle Barn animal sanctuary in Santa Clarita, California.

This being Stella McCartney, the rabbits, kids and cows are still wearing their fur (and hides), and cuddling up to the actress, and animal lover, Madelyn Cline.

The spring 2023 campaign is called “Change the History,” and draws on the work of the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara, whose illustrations and punk social statements feature in the collection.

The shoot is meant to highlight “the fundamental belief that all creatures are equals, and shows how to love animals harmed by the fashion industry,” according to McCartney’s company.

Madelyn Cline talks to the animals in Stella McCartney’s spring/summer 2023 ad campaign

“What is more punk than upending the entire food and fashion industrial complex by removing animal​ products from the equation?” asked the designer.

“My mantra right now is: ‘We are what we eat, we are what we wear.’ Our choices have an interconnected impact, and if we want to change the history and save our planet for future generations, we must take action — from stopping eating meat, to ending the needless deaths of animals for fashion.

“I call people of all ages today to join me in this mission today, so that we can protect Mother Earth for tomorrow,” she said.

The campaign was photographed by Theo Wenner on location at The Gentle Barn, which cares for abused animals who would not otherwise be able to find homes.

A vegan property, The Gentle Barn houses more than 170 animals, including cows, horses, pigs, sheep, chickens, llamas, emus, cats, dogs and birds, over six acres of land.

Most have been saved from slaughterhouses, and all of them have been given comedy names such as Madonna, Holy Cow and Shirley Temple. Pamela Anderson visits on Thanksgiving to feed the turkeys, while Ellen DeGeneres and Hilary Swank also support the sanctuary.

According to the brand, spring 2023 is the most sustainable collection to date and features the first luxury garment made from regenerative cotton. It comes from a farm that Stella McCartney has been supporting for the past three years, part of the Soktas project in Turkey.

Launched in 2019, the project is now run in partnership with LVMH Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton, and is collaborating with the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe.

Regenerative agriculture supports biodiversity, improves soil health and helps to fight climate change, by capturing and sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

A look from Stella McCartney’s spring 2003 collection inspired by the work of the Japanese artist Yoshitomo Nara. GIOVANNI GIANNONI / WWD


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