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Stella McCartney Launches Plant-Based & Recycled Version of Eclypse Sneakers

UK fashion house Stella McCartney has created a new version of its Eclypse sneakers, made entirely with sustainable materials. The shoes’ uppers are made from recycled polyester, while the sole features renewable plant-derived materials.

The sneakers also have vegan leather panels and a lining made with ECONYL, a type of recycled nylon made with post-consumer waste. Called Reclypse, the design is made by hand in Italy and will be available to buy from late August.

Shifting towards sustainability

The original Eclypse shoes are made from polyester and polyurethane, but consumers are increasingly searching for more sustainable, plastic-free options. Many of Stella McCartney’s new products cater to this demand, including a recent collection featuring materials such as sustainably sourced beech wood and recycled fabrics. The collection was launched alongside a campaign urging changemakers to ban the use of animal fur in fashion.

In March, Stella McCartney also launched garments made from Bolt Threads’ mushroom-based vegan leather. It is one of several companies (including Adidas and Lululemon) to begin using the biodegradable fabric, which is known as Mylo.

“The Stella McCartney Reclypse is fashion innovation, taking luxury trainers one step closer to sustainability and circularity – it stylishly blends athleticism with escapism,” said the fashion house in a statement.


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