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Sunshine on my Mind: Weekend Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Collection

Top model Quinn Mora star in Weekend Max Mara's FW23 campaign lensed by Nadine Ijewere

©WEEKEND MAX MARA, Photography by Nadine Ijewere

Fashion brand Weekend Max Mara unveiled its Fall Winter 2023 campaign titled Sunshine on my Mind featuring top model Quinn Mora captured by fashion photographer Nadine Ijewere. In charge of styling was Kate Phelan.

As the season changes and fall steps in, Weekend Max Mara‘s latest collection embraces the perpetual warmth of summer. The collection isn’t just about clothes; it’s an attitude, a tribute to the endless summer days, the adventures yet to be embarked upon, and the joy of a perpetual weekend spirit.

The season’s line-up celebrates the spirit of exploration. With designs that speak to those who thrive in wanderlust, every piece serves as a reminder of sun-filled days, regardless of the calendar month. The heart of the Weekend Max Mara Fall Winter 2023 Collection lies in its details: free-flowing silhouettes that offer unrestricted movement, nomadic embellishments that tell stories of faraway places, textures that challenge the norms, and pops of color that breathe life into the garments.

Among the collection’s highlights is the iconic Pasticcino bag, reborn with a bold new identity. This season, it’s not just a bag, but a statement piece. It combines the warmth of shearling, the modern edge of quilting, and a bold graphic two-tone design. It’s a medley of textures and hues, encapsulating the spirit of the entire collection.

The collection captures the spirit of adventures waiting around the corner, of summer’s undying warmth, and of the joy of living every day with the zest of a weekend.

©WEEKEND MAX MARA, Photography by Nadine Ijewere


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