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  • By Angela Velasquez

Swarovski Awakens Emotions With Color for S/S 20

Emotional connections—or the lack thereof—in an increasingly digital world, serve as the spring board for Swarovski’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection of crystal and pearl trims for apparel, footwear and accessories.

The Austrian crystal company presented four trend stories for the season in New York City last week, also offering a suite of new crystal innovations.

Trend stories

The Spring/Summer 2020 collection, called “The Power of Emotions,” balances bold ’80s-inspired colors with calming neutrals and an emphasis on creativity and the unexpected.

In “The Serenity of Being,” Swarovski tells a story with “non-color” colors like dove gray, violet, light silk and smoked topaz. Overall, the firm sees color palettes moving away from black in favor of cozier and warmer shades of brown. The hues add a subtle richness to silks and satins for everyday wear, super fine knitwear and feminine fabrics like tulle and organza, which the company sees returning as the sportswear cycle slows down. Key items will include tonal crystal-embellished tulle socks and pleats used as a platform for hidden embellishments.

The Serenity of Being

Swarovski revisits the ’80s in “The Joy of Expression.” The company’s new crystal Eden green pearl and crystals in fuchsia, metallic blue and metallic sunshine play here with chunky chain links and crystalized fabrics. The look is disco glam with quilted jean jackets punctuated by crystals, asymmetrical shoulders emphasized with large ruffles, and heels hidden behind crystal fringe.

The Joy of Expression

In “The Surprise of the Unexpected,” Swarovski examines how luxury can be more casual, and streetwear more sophisticated. New aesthetics like combining lightweight fabrics with tailoring, and reinterpreting winter items like mock neck tops for summer, speaks to the next generation of luxury consumers. For trims, Swarovski leans toward a fresh color palette of crystal ivory cream and sorbet shades like lavender, yellow, peach and ocean for a youthful vibe.

The Surprise of the Unexpected

Self-expression is at the core of “The Excitement of Creativity,” Swarovski’s most vibrant trend story for the season. Yellow opals, scarlet, mint green and dark indigo crystals are used in a DIY-inspired style. The goal is to create a chaotic aesthetic through a clash of colors, patterns, natural and manmade materials.

The Excitement of Creativity

Denim connection

Over the last two seasons, denim has become a bigger area of focus for Swarovski. With dead stock and upcycled denim growing in popularity, the company sees new embellishment as one way designers can refresh these garments.

Heat-set Cabochon pearls continue to be popular for denim. The company is also seeing interest in small details like mini flat backs in multi colors and shapes, and crystal embellishments mixed into distressing for a high/low look.

New products

Swarosvki introduces a new way to wear ’80s neon with six new colors in its Crystal Electric Lacquer Pro Effects collection: electric pink, yellow, blue, green, orange and white. The eye-popping colors’ “tiny pigments glow under UV light and help designers to create highly versatile styles for day and night,” Swarovski says.

Crystal Electric Lacquer Pro Effects

A series of new spikes offer a princess take on punk. Available as flat backs and sew-on stones, the crystals, offer a tactile and creative way for brands to add 3-D shimmer to products. Colors range from Crystal, Black Diamond Simmer and Crystal Aurore Boreale, to multi-color Crystal Volcano and Light Colorado Topaz Shimmer.

Spike Family

Swarovski expands the Kaleidoscope Family of fancy stones with three new shapes and sizes, eight colors and nine effects. The large facets on the front of each stone enhanced by Rivoli facets on the reverse to produce a “fascinating brilliance.” Colors span a soft brown called Golden Shadow to lavender, peach and yellow.

Kaleidoscope Fancy Stones

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