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Swarovski Created Diamonds: A Brilliant Partnership

Swarovski has more than 125 years of luxury experience. It is this uniquely pioneering approach and commitment to a world of man-made wonders that has led to the formation of Swarovski Created Diamonds. Swarovski’s lab-created diamonds—tantalizingly beautiful and indistinguishable from their mined counterparts—are an extension of the beloved brand’s personality and value. They are a carbon-neutral choice because Swarovski offsets the energy used to produce them.

With the strength of the Swarovski name firmly behind any retail collaboration, here are five more fantastic reasons to start a conversation with our Swarovski Created Diamond’s team.

1. The Diamond of the Future

With all stones made in adherence with high-level environmental, safety, and labor standards, Swarovski Created Diamonds are produced in a vast range of color, cut, and size combinations inspiring limitless potential and unbridled imagination. With its breathtaking assortment precision cut to perfection by expert master cutters, Swarovski Created Diamonds are accompanied by a comprehensive array of visual merchandising elements. From branded modular retail displays and trays to educational sales material and exquisite product packaging, partnering with Swarovski Created Diamonds ensures a luxurious customer experience.

2. A Cut Above Quality, brand, and transparency are values Swarovski stands behind. Lab-created diamonds with global brand recognition in the market, Swarovski Created Diamonds are cut to maintain a consistent, premium-level quality. With D-I color and SI1+ clarity, every stone larger than 0.25 carat is laser-engraved for transparency. Possessing the same chemical composition, brilliance, and fire as a mined diamond, Swarovski Created Diamonds accept only the best grade of lab-created diamonds to maintain their stringent level and universally respected quality.

3. Multifaceted Communication Luxury is added value, and the Swarovski name brings an immense amount of value to any partnership. With its globally recognized brand, myriad support tools, and state-of-the-art communication material, Swarovski retail displays, packaging, and brochures all assist in elevating the consumer experience. Collaborative advertising programs and digital and social media campaigns directly engage the sustainability-focused Gen Z, with in-store events adding a personal touch to a comprehensive and multilayered communication strategy.

4. Illuminating Support A range of sales incentives and an online B2B portal, coupled with personal as well as online trainings, are all part and parcel of the ongoing assistance you’ll receive throughout a retail partnership with Swarovski.

5. Loyalty Shines Swarovski Created Diamonds repays their loyal partners with a loyalty initiative of their own: When you enter into a collaboration with Swarovski Created Diamonds, you can be assured of a steadfast promise of brand exclusivity in your region to ensure that you truly stand out.

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