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The iconic jewelry brand transforms into a cooler, edgier, more inclusive version of itself

Giovanna Engelbert, the Creative Director of Swarovski, introduces “Collection II,” an arrangement of new pieces that continues an exploration into Swarovski’s Austrian heritage, and serves as an investigation into the unique properties of crystal, cut, color and geometry.

Founded in 1895 in Austria, this new collection further reveals its world of wonders with fresh pieces and it continues to tell its story of a rich brand heritage, a love of the arts, and an appreciation of the natural world.

Engelbert notes, “In this collection I wanted to dive deeper into a love affair with Austrian arts and crafts, notably the influences of the Wiener Werkstätte and Gustav Klimt, while bringing in a modernity to the organic ways shape and form can be represented within their tradition.”

While hyper-expressive color remains a signature, Collection II elevates the role of clear crystal, looking at it in its purest form with pieces that are unapologetic in their scale and presence. In its totality, Collection II can be seen through three evocative style stories: the majesty of clear crystal; the playfulness and hypnotic sense of color; and the spirit of Bohemian culture.

The wonders of Collection II will be revealed on Instagram as part of a digital program created in partnership with photographer Mikael Jansson. 25 Portraits will bring to life the decidedly inclusive spirit of Giovanna’s vision. The project showcases a unique, ageless and gender-inclusive group—their diversity fundamental to the collection itself.

“Collection II gives us a chance to dive further into our world of wonders. From a deeper look into the muses of the Bohemian movement to the design aesthetic of the Bauhaus art scene to the verdant nature of Klimt’s landscapes, we’re able to tell the story of our Austrian heritage with a modern twist. In this way, each crystal item becomes a microcosm of our world,” said Engelbert.

While each individual projects their own stylistic sense of self, they are united by the sense of confidence experienced in the act of adorning oneself - crystal worn with assertiveness.

“With Collection II, we were able to further root our development in Swarovski’s heritage. In doing so, we’ve created pieces for everyone to play and experiment with crystals as a tool for their own expression,” said the Creative Director.

As with its predecessor, Collection II is ripe with symbolism, simultaneously telling Swarovski’s brand story and using colors, textures, and cuts to create a plethora of pieces for individual self-expression—classic, punk, sweet, striking, and every variation in between.

Engelbert wanted to create pieces for everyone to play and experiment with crystals as a tool for their own expression.

Visually, Collection II serves as a platform for representation of people from all cultures and orientations. Featuring maximalist jewelry styling for both men and women, the result is a playfully irreverent take on modern culture that’s told through three key style stories: one extolling the wonders of clear crystal, one that takes perpetual nods from a mouth-watering, colorful candy shop, and one that pays homage to Swarovski’s founding roots in Bohemian culture.

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