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Express yourself with Swarovski's punk-meets-classic crystal accessories that’ll elevate any outfit

Party season is upon us and the way to completely transform your look for the return of your social life, is by updating your accessories wardrobe. It is time, quite fittingly, to reach for the stars – and wear them, as well.

Taking inspo from the boho movement and its own Austrian heritage, Swarovski has unveiled its bright and bold Collection II, and it’s made to turn heads. With a classic yet punk-inspired edge and a sweet and striking aesthetic, the accessories powerhouse builds on its 125-year “mathemagical” heritage, and the influences of Wiener Werkstätte (an Austrian design collective) and painter Gustav Klimt, to create a playful yet timeless modern collection.

“Collection II gives us a chance to dive further into our world of wonders,” Swarovski’s creative director Giovanna Engelbert said, of her vision for the range. “From a closer look into the muses of the Bohemian movement to the design aesthetic of our Austrian heritage, we’re able to enrich our brand story with a modern twist. “In this way, each crystal item becomes a microcosm of our world.”

Known for her own Italian-inspired style, Engelbert enlisted another it girl – Lourdes Leon – as one of 25 gender-inclusive muses to model the latest collection. Leon, the daughter of one of the world’s most enduring stars (Madonna AKA the Material Girl) and a rising fashion force in her own right, has stars quite literally on her hand and around her neck. In the new campaign, Leon sparkles in pieces from Swarovski’s Collection II (highlights as worn by Lola include the “Stella” ring and pendant).

The jewellery equivalent of a white designer T-shirt, “Millenia” is made to be dressed up or down for all occasions: day to night and anywhere in between. From sparkly bracelets to Y2K-esque hoops that will stand the test of time, the inclusive pieces in “Millenia” are designed to have, and wear, forever.

Also in Collection II is “Constella”, a line set on delicate and thin metal bars, while Engelbert’s “Harmonia” series features oversized cushion cut crystals in a suspended setting, giving the illusion that the stones are floating (the yellow gold-tone plated “Harmonia” pendant is incredible, FYI).

“We’ve created pieces for everyone to play and experiment with crystal as a tool for their own expression,” Engelbert said. And as Madonna once sang, express yourself.


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