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The brand is inviting you to their ‘wonderlab’ as it unveils its jewel-toned store.

Swarovski is looking to celebrate its rich heritage and crystal-focused codes this Christmas. ‘How?’ I hear you ask. Introducing its Shanghai-bound flagship store, the luxury jewellery brand has created a jewel-toned ‘wonderlab’ that not only hopes to strengthen the beautiful, 30-year-long bond between the Austrian-born company and China but also transport visitors into the depths of Swarovski’s enchanting realm.

With each room of the glistening store, aptly named ‘The Cabinet’, ‘The Wonder Room’ and ‘The Lab’, each boasting its own rich colour palette and textured surfaces, the store situates itself as a sensory delight, sure to captivate those who visit and beautifully display the brand’s opulent aesthetic.

“With this store, we really wanted to bring a unique experience to Shanghai, almost as a love letter from Swarovski to the city itself,” explains Giovanna Engelbert, the Global Creative Director of the brand. “That’s why we are incredibly excited to unveil this beautiful space, inspired by the forward-moving landscape of China and her people.”

And, while beautiful visually and poetic in nature, that is not the only awe-invoking aspect of the store. When speaking on the scale of the project, Engelbert claimed, “It’s the biggest, most ambitious store we’ve made, centimetre of centimetre thought through and brought into reality – its mind-blowing and connects with everything else what we’ve done till now. This flagship store is not a usual jewellery store; I wanted to create a place that transports you into the imaginative world of Swarovski the moment you step in.”

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