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Swarovski unveils its captivating New Retail Landscape in Thailand

The very first new store concept in Southeast Asia and India

This August, Swarovski brings on its fabulous new store concept to Thailand with the launch of Thailand’s premier New Retail Landscape at Siam Paragon, 1st floor.

For over a year, Swarovski has been on a spellbinding journey with the reimagining of the brand and retail stores. Commencing with the rollout of 27 Instant Wonder stores around the globe, the magical transformation has culminated in the opening of the first fabulous new stores in key corners of the world in 2021, with more to follow in 2022.

“Our New Retail Landscape is an incredible ode to creativity, and the result of Swarovski’s strong new vision, a realm where science and magic meet. Playful, aware, and always boldly chic our aim is to reflect desires and dreams in the physical space of our stores and to underline our new age of crystal living,” says Giovanna Engelbert, Creative Director at Swarovski.

Welcome to a New Retail Landscape

Designed to ignite imaginations, each entrancing store pays homage to the shimmering beauty of crystal, reflecting the uniquely captivating charm of the city itself. Mesmerizing metallic finishes and fluted glass combine with chrome and silk touches throughout.

For Thailand, Swarovski has opened a 107.9-square-meter New Retail Landscape in Siam Paragon, located in the heart of the shopping district in Bangkok. The store design immerses customers in the brand’s new visual identity with a sensorial retail space decorated in cool blues. Octagonal product displays, metallic sculptures, and luxurious textures come together to inspire a journey of exploration and self-expression. Swarovski’s New Retail Landscape in Bangkok opened on August 1.

To reflect the brand’s new visual identity, overseen by the beloved Swarovski Swan, guests will be welcomed into a sensorial retail space to discover an array of tempting and tantalizing crystal treasures.

Encouraging exploration and self-expression, different areas in the stores are color-blocked in Swarovski’s signature new brand hues. With myriad octagons adorning the walls in a breathtaking display of product and pattern, the entire concept is a tribute to the wonder of crystal itself.

For the final flourish, packages wrapped up with signature gross-grain silks and velvets add to the entire spellbinding experience.

An absolute feast for the senses, our sumptuous New Retail Landscapes beckon you in, promising a world filled with magic and special moments.


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