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  • Sarah Maisey

Swarovski unveils new Wonderlab store at Dubai's Mall of the Emirates

The shop is part of a new identity and is one of 28 worldwide

The metallic busts that decorate the new Wonderlab stores have been designed by Swarovski creative director Giovanna Engelbert. Courtesy Swarovski

Swarovski has a revealed a bold new direction at its store in the Mall of the Emirates.

Entitled Wonderlab, the store, which reopened on Friday, has been completely refurbished, and is now decked out entirely in green, with walls lined with hexagonal jewellery boxes, each one filled with a Swarovski treasure.

In a rebrand spearheaded by the first brand creative director Giovanna Engelbert, the new approach has done away with the old navy blue colour, and instead replaced it with vibrant pink, yellow, green and baby blue.

First unveiled as an all-yellow store in Paris, the Wonderlab concept has also opened in New York in two colours, and now arrives in the UAE covered in floor-to-ceiling green.

A wall of jewellery boxes at the new Wonderlab store in the Dubai Mall. Sarah Maisey / The National

The first of its kind in the region, the space has a plush green carpet, tables where customers can try on the pieces (with green chairs, naturally), and walls covered in pretty jewellery boxes in different sizes.

Green, metallic mannequins in a high-polish finish now show off the new array of jewellery that comes in every colour imaginable: earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, some even with invisible settings usually only found in high-end jewellery.

To add to the feeling of being inside a treasure trove, the Swarovski collections have been completely mixed up, so that now a crystal parrot sits next to edgy cube earrings based on the rules of sacred geometry, and children’s earrings in the shape of a ladybird nestle against a chic, chunky lilac stone necklace, perfect for dressing up a T-shirt.

Included, too, is the new company logo, which now appears as a pink neon sign in the window. Under Engelbert’s new vision, the swan of old, quietly sitting and looking to the left, is gone, replaced with the same bird with wings raised – as if taking off – and now facing the right. It is a small shift, but an important one, signalling the new direction of onwards and upwards the company is striving for.

A metallic bust in the new Wonderlab store in Mall of the Emirates. Sarah Maisey / The National

As a whole, the new store feels fresh, vibrant and exciting, packed with hundreds of beautiful, glittering pieces that span hoop earrings, tennis-style bracelets and elaborate necklaces.

Whether you are in the mood for shopping or merely looking, there is plenty of eye candy in this dazzling new space.


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