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Swarovski and Rosenthal are proud to debut their newest collaboration, the Signum Collection. The two renowned brands have combined in a joint venture to produce a stunning reservoir of crystal and porcelain tableware. Swarovski, known for its elegant artisanal jewelry, adds its glamorous, yet refined touch to Rosenthal's exceptional craftsmanship. Blueprinted by Swarovski’s Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert and cultivated with porcelain experts from Rosenthal, every piece is a work of art. The Signum Collection is uniquely designed to exhibit the heritage and craftsmanship of both brands.

Swarovski CEO, Michele Molon shares, “The partnership between Swarovski and Rosenthal is yet another way through which we are breaking boundaries and building new bridges. This exclusive collection of tableware epitomizes the renovated image of Swarovski as well as its dedication to the highest standards of craftsmanship, thanks to the combination of the unmatched know-how provided by Rosenthal and the new creative vision of Swarovski that we have initiated in 2021 and we are proudly expanding with each new launch.”

Avant-garde, yet practical, the Signum collection comprises of tea sets, espresso sets, and full dining services. The complete Signum collection is perfect for any home; the Signum collection is designed to be personable, customizable, and uniquely curated by each buyer. Available in a wide array of candy-colored hues, this collection compliments both alfresco and indoor dining.

“With this collection we offer a new way of embellishing your daily life. Just like we are adorning ourselves with jewelry, we get the joy from decorating our lives through this whimsical yet elegant collection of porcelains that adorn our tables,” shares Swarovski Creative Director, Giovanna Engelbert.


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