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Thélios promotes the donation of a pantograph to Itis Segato

A fundamental machine in the eyewear manufacturing process. The company has also trained the teachers and laboratory technicians.

School calls business and business responds. From today, students of the three years of Eyewear Technology, at Itis Segato in Belluno, will be able to count on a latest generation CMS numerical control pantograph to support teaching made available by Tecnolook, a company active in the field of products and materials for the sector, thanks to the intermediation of Thélios, a company specialized in eyewear of the French luxury group LVMH.

Thélios thus responded to the appeal launched by Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti which - in recent months - had asked local companies to provide machinery and material, perhaps not used but functional and technologically advanced, to implement the laboratory of the city institute. The CMS pantograph, a 5-axis milling machine operating with a CNC, is a fundamental machine in the eyewear manufacturing process. It requires great skill and experience to be used to its full potential. The CMS operator, in addition to knowing how to correctly use the supplied measuring instruments such as calipers, pins and depth gauges,

Thélios, already an active supplier of materials and cutters to the school, not only made the state-of-the-art machinery available and supported the management and administrative costs of the operation, but also trained the teachers and laboratory technicians who will have to introduce students to the use of new technology. " This is an effective transfer of skills that demonstrates how the world of business and the company can dialogue correctly and profitably " , says Da Rin Zanco, president of the Young Entrepreneurs Group of Confindustria Belluno Dolomiti, promoter of the activation of the course at the Iti Segato.

" More generally, the commitment of the industrialists' association continues on the front of technical skills, essential in a profoundly manufacturing context like that of Belluno, " he continues. " We are experiencing a very difficult time due to the crisis triggered by Covid, but the acquisition and updating of new skills must not stop. Indeed, it will be necessary to start again from the competences. Only in this way will we be competitive » .

" The school world needs businesses and vice versa, " says the head of the IIS Segato school Ilaria Chiarusi. « This donation will help us to shape teaching that is even closer to the needs of the company world, therefore more focused and effective. In this way, the students themselves feel part of the economic-productive reality of the territory. This year the school has created a new instrumental function "Relations with the territory" which arises from the awareness of the importance of this synergy between the companies and the Institute and from the hope that the dialogue established will continue and give other important results such as the one achieved with the donation of the machine and the relative training » .

" Since its inception, Thélios has paid great attention to young people in the area and their future, both through activities in schools and through training and placement in the company " , says Alessandra Cerentin, director of human resources at Thélios. « The company strongly believes in constant dialogue between school and company in order to be able to give young people greater skills and awareness and facilitate their integration into the world of work. With this new machinery in the school laboratories and through the training of their teachers, we will allow children to learn with cutting-edge technologies and to face the future of work with greater specialization and more chances » .

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