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The 2021 BMW Eyewear Collection Is LCD-Friendly and Oh So Stylish

Comfort or convenience shouldn’t mean the absence of style. With that in mind, BMW proposes four capsule collections of BMW eyewear that will both make you look stylish and have the best visibility.

As a driver, the latter is of paramount importance. For the 2021 BMW Eyewear collection, the automaker partnered with Dalloz Creations to deliver a product that is LCD-friendly, offering the best visibility of the cockpit, reduces glare, and offers improved readings of road environments. And it does so in a form factor that’s been designed specifically with the BMW community of drivers in mind.

Celebrities and all kinds of influencers have been rocking diminutive sunglasses these days: they say this ‘90s trend is coming back, as ridiculous as it might look to anyone who’s not spending all waking hours on social media. Or, for that matter, anyone looking for actual convenience in a pair of shades.

The BMW sunglasses are predictably at the opposite end of that. Included are two navigator frames, a more rounded silhouette, and a square frame—all of them what you could describe as “classic” styles—but infused with subtle racing influences. The novelty is that, for each of these models, BMW offers an option integrated with Vi/ON lenses, which are described as LCD- and road-friendly.

They feature an optimized polarizing filter that enhances legibility of instruments and screens in the cabin and the exterior environment, including bumps, road signs, and relief. They also reduce glare, which makes them “the new standard for driving eyewear,” according to the press release.

It helps that pricing is affordable and that the models included are men’s and unisex. A pair of new BMW shades starts at $139 and goes all the way up to $209 for the regular models and $169 and $219, respectively, for the Vi/ON models. They’re already available in select locations and will sell online starting September 2021.


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