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  • Allyson Portee

The Fabulous World Of Dior Unveiled At Harrods

One of the Dior storefronts at Harrods. DIOR

Dior and Harrods have teamed up with the renowned French Maison paying tribute to the famed British department store through a presentation of illuminated window instillations and floors to celebrate a mutual love: Christmas. The two have had unbreakable ties for almost seventy years and Dior is highlighting Monsieur Christian Dior’s love of Britain and Christmas at Harrods from November 10 – January 3, 2023 through The Fabulous World of Dior. On each floor of Harrods, a new mise-en-scène, or staging of a magical atmosphere will bring Harrods into even more of the Christmas spirit.

And it’s not just on the inside that this spirit is happening. The outside of Harrods, the Brompton Road side will be adorned with the instillation. This outside instillation will reinterpret the compass rose, a meaningful symbol of the Maision, and according to Dior will be, “animated by a dazzling interplay of lights featuring classing Dior emblems.”

The exterior of the Dior experience at Harrods. DIOR

This isn’t the first time that Dior has had a corner in Harrods. The Maison has always had a good relationship with Harrods that was born when Monsieur Dior created a unique dress. More on that in a second. But, the creation of C.D. Models, an English subsidiary and Dior’s corner in Harrods in 1953 began the special relationship between the two.

Continuing the Maison notes, “the Dior gold star, Bar jacket and Medallion chair will guide pedestrians to the renowned Harrods windows transformed into fantastic tableaux vivants in a captivating decor composed of gingerbread, caramel, candied fruit and multiple delights showcasing the House’s various universes and iconic symbols, from fashion to perfume and beauty.”

Part of The Fabulous World of Dior consists of culinary fare with gourmet treats in the form of a cafe for visitors. There are also two exclusive pop-ups and a Dior micro-village.

Monsieur Christian Dior’s love of Britain

“There is no other country whose way of life pleases me more,” Christian Dior had confided in his memoirs. “I love its practices, its sense of tradition, its politeness, its architecture and even its cooking.” When Mr. Dior worked as a patternmaker he was inspired by Britain. His SS39 women’s collection included Café Anglais, a named checked dress for Robert Piguet, and a dress that gave him a foot in the door to the fashion world. Dior called the dress “audacious” and “winning.” When his first haute couture collection was unveiled on February 12, 1947 in Paris, the British received it, and a few months later he presented a show in London at the Savoy Hotel and at the French Embassy where Princess Elizabeth attended.

The exhibition that's on display at The Fabulous World of Dior. DIOR

Now back to the 1953 corner that Harrods coordinated with Dior. In 1954 the Maison chose their London boutique as the sight of their Spring 1954 collection that was shown during a défilé, (or runway show). Over the years the Maison has had British creative directors from John Galliano, who oversaw womenswear; to Stephen Jones who oversaw hat creations; and Kim Jones, the British designer who oversees Dior hommes (men’s).


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