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The Fires that Bind Louis Vuitton

Fire determines life or rather the extension and maintenance of intelligent life. As one of the key elements of the planet, the use of fire and our ability to harness its power has been a defining property of superior intelligence, separating us from mere animals. Some 400,000 years on, our ability to start fires allowed us to expand our diets but more importantly, to light dark nights and share ideas around a campfire – community building, uniting people in a shared humanity across borders and cultures.

At Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme, this universal symbol of unification served as inspiration, culminating in a recurring motif found in the practice of igniting sparks – what results is a Spring-Summer 2024 Pre-Collection that draws us in and connects us with their act of creative illumination.

Analogous to a new dawn, this collection designed by the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme as a standalone proposal, spawning a functional yet stylish wardrobe informed by a one of the most potent natural forces on the planet.

With a palette spanning the reds and oranges of fire to the browns and sands of the earth, and the blues and greens of woodlands and the evening sky, the Louis Vuitton Mens Spring-Summer 2024 Pre-Collection trades in camouflage of the metaphorical and literal kind. At its most graphic representation, a visually sumptuous brown wool suit, at its most subtle, a different kind of camouflage – brand monogram, muted, and applied tone-on-tone for technical parka, a fleece jacquard jacket and even on swim shorts.

Serving as muse, the aurora borealis illuminates the way for the rest of Spring-Summer Pre-Collection: A dégradé pattern informed by the northern lights irradiates a flocked nylon bomber jacket, while a similar effect is evoked in a spray-painted faded denim jacket.

Bags perpetuate the essence of bonfires, playing with gradient tones and rendering in grained printed canvas and a midnight blue abstract fire motif featured across the icons of the Maison such as the Sac Horizon, the Discovery backpack, the Christopher backpack, and Keepalls ranging from the classic to the 25 and the nano, as well as small leather goods.

For a brand which pioneered logo mania, a new sun rises over its Prêt-à-Porter Homme pre-collection, now redressed and reinterpreted for a new era of artistry and subtlety.


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