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  • Pichaya Petrachaianan

The Loewe X My Neighbor Totoro Capsule Is Beyond Adorable

Joined by mutual green-hearted values, Loewe and Studio Ghibli are giving the world the message we all need to hear

We are living in a world where there are countless of issues threatening our existence, most of which are rooted in our own decisions and behaviours. In search of a work of art that speaks to both youngsters and adults in a gentle yet profound way about the importance of nature, Loewe has chosen Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro to pay homage to in its latest capsule collection.

Transporting us to sisters Mei and Satsuki's adventure with mythical mountain creature Totoro through wearable pieces and accessories, the collection also highlights the common ground between Loewe and Studio Ghibli on the importance of humanity and the environment. The Loewe X My Neighbor Totoro highlights the movie's iconic characters and the fantastical terrain they inhabit on prints, jacquard intarsia and leather marquetry. On clothing, loose, relaxed silhouettes send a statement of comfort-first design, while the sense of being in the open air is communicated across t-shirts, sweatshirts, jumpers, culottes and also biker jackets.

While the collection is very much for adults, it does remind us of how quintessential it is to be one with nature and also with one's own inner child.


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