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“The Man of Dior” BTS’s Jimin Trending On Twitter For New DIOR Campaign

BTS’s Jimin has occupied social networks around the world with his new DIOR campaign pictorial

French luxury brand DIOR recently released a photo shoot for global ambassador Jimin‘s spring 2024 men’s clothing collection campaign.

In the color pictorial, Jimin created a luxurious atmosphere by wearing a twist turtleneck, a striped shirt, a vest, navy suit, and bandana with “DIOR” logo points, and especially captured fans’ hearts with his deep eyes.

The black-and-white pictorial then showed a campus look with diamond-patterned knitwear and cross-bags, along with a variety of youthful, pure boyishness and mature charm with a suit look, re-engraving Jimin’s appearance as “Human Dior.”

When the pictorial was released, the hashtag “#JIMINxDIOR” topped the real-time trend of X (formerly known as Twitter), in Korea, and the U.S., and the keyword “DIOR GLOBAL AMBASSADOR JIMIN” was also trending, realizing his enormous popularity.

The 2024 Spring Men’s Collection, designed by Kim Jones, Dior’s art director, emphasized comfort and practicality through images that blend graphic purity and idyllic romanticism.

Kim Jones said in an interview with WWD, a world-renowned fashion magazine, that he was lucky to meet Jimin many years ago. The director praised Jimin for having an amazing style and character, and that’s why he wanted to do this campaign with the singer.


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