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  • Calvin Chong

The new chapter of Fendi opens with iconic bags for Fall/Winter 2021

A new chapter unfolds in the house of Fendi and we celebrate new looks, fresh reiterations and more by Kim Jones.

First making its debut on the runway in February, the Fendi Fall/Winter 2021 collection has been buzzing with excitement for all as the world marvel at the brilliance of Kim Jones as the creative director at Fendi.

Hot off his debut in Spring/Summer 2021, Kim Jones continues to prove himself as the perfect talent for Fendi, wherein Fall/Winter 2021, he decides to explore and pay homage to the legacy of the women in the Fendi family – bringing to light the femininity and savoir-faire celebrated at the Maison.

In a release, he says, "The Fendi family are women of intellect who work hard – and that’s what I wanted to celebrate. A powerful dynasty.”


And the stage was set and the runway presentation was a resounding success. The wardrobes of the five Fendi sisters served as the starting point of the collection's journey – from the bell sleeves of a washed mink and bonded suede coat to the pinstripes of their office attire, which is now rendered in silken shirting or perfectly proportioned wool tailoring.

The entire collection amplifies and elevates the sisters' personal style into a fashion dream – one that is luxurious, contemporary, confident and made for the fashion trailblazers of today.

And that leads us to the bags on the runway, where we witnessed a new chapter of Fendi being unfolded – where new silhouettes, innovations and designs surfaced to take our breath away.


Directed by Silvia Venturini Fendi, the bags of Fendi have always been iconic stunners that are set to take over the trending page and soon become a forever classic to be cherished and loved.

The top contender for this spot in Fall/Winter 2021 is the Fendi First bag, which pays homage to the off-kilter irreverence of the brand. Here, the FENDI monogram is tilted into the frame of a clutch and is presented in a deconstructed silhouette with myriad variations: from a size roomy enough to fit a tablet to a micro pouch strung as jewellery, and is rendered in shearling, leather, and exotics.

And there are many ways to wear the bag, Kim Jones shows us that clutching it in your arm makes the better statement for fashion and pose.


The Fendi Peekaboo continues to reign supreme as one of Fendi's go-to staples where this season sees a refresh where it is distorted into new proportions and decorated with Selleria details. The new Fendi Peekaboo are all designed with the ISEEU accordion-style, where it is made to easily reveal the interior of the bag.

Each of the Peekabo seen on the runway presents different textures, finishing and accessories including teddy bear shearling, python print and grained leather, where some are decorated with a micro version of the Fendi First.


On the also witnessed the rebirth of Fendi Baguette in new designs, from fringed looks to furry details and even one constructed fully out of solid wood in a dark chestnut shade. While not the first time, wood is used to make a Fendi Baguette, the new reiteration served well as a fun reminder of the infinite possibilities of the silhouette.

To complement these stunning designs, Delfina Delettrez Fendi (daughter of Silvia) introduced a plethora of graphic accessories, titled Fendi O’Lock. Here, Delfina plays with the Fendi logo where it is transformed into its carabineer form, and come with padlocks that can only be opened by dialing FENDI.

Other fine touches spotted on these accessories include wax seal pendants that feature the playful Karligraphy and metal cuffs with leather and Selleria details.

Finishing off with a spring on your step, feast your eyes on the Fendi First shoes – a design that showcases architectural beauty in the form of a vertically inverted "F" that gives the illusion of a "no-heel" heel. Beautifully crafted in soft leather, these mules are definitely one to get us pumped to head out the streets in the coming months!

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