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  • Youness Boumia

TikTok and teenage vibes for Celine by Hedi Slimane

The LVMH’s brand presents the men’s collection “Cosmic Cruiser” for summer 2022

No physical shows in Paris since the pandemic year but no worries, Hedi Slimane still knows how to bring something new for Celine. Understanding and focusing on the actual teenagers and their fashion taste through TikTok trends, the designer left the Parisian “black music box” to present the collections as original movies in unique locations, such as a karting track next to Saint-Tropez for “Dancing Kids” or within the Vaux le Vicomte castle’s gardens, with fireworks to close.

The brand’s summer spot this season is the Grand Gaou Island, in the south of France. For the show, professional bikers perform around the models, walking at the rhythm of the soundtrack “Up & Down” by the Californian artist Izzy Camina, who especially co-produced the music with Hedi Slimane for the show.

The silhouettes are no more graphic and minimalist than usual with the Slimanesque black and white. References come from the seventies, rock, and TikTok trends such as #doityourself and #custom made: a black blazer adorned with a “Heavenly days” patch on the backside or a leather studded bomber jacket decorated with silver safety pins.

Hedi explores new possibilities in matching the clothes in the styling that completely goes out from the haute bourgeois to middle class: more realistic, more recognisable for the actual youth. An oversized leather jacket can match and glitter-covered top and with flaired denim and boots.

Huge mirrored sunglasses cover the eyes, perfect for protection from the sandstorms and the sun with style. You should have no fear of using layering for a maximalist look, like wearing a tulle skirt with a pair of jeans and an oversizec gilet or a full glitter-covered cape, available with a Hawaiian print or in a cosmic black, to shine during the music festivals and the beach parties under the moonlight.


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