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Timberland and Christopher Raeburn Join Forces

Avery Dennison supported Timberland and friend Christopher Raeburn to help produce a Tees & Trees activation at this year's Bread & Butter in Berlin.

In today's world, fashion and sustainability are two words that are swiftly becoming more and more synonymous. Customers, consumers, bloggers and more expect that leading fashion brands are, in some way, doing their part to ensure the fashion industry stays within the realms of being environmentally friendly. At Avery Dennison RBIS, our sustainability ethos creates a path to resiliency for our business and the apparel and footwear industry, which is why we're pleased to support the Timberland My PlayGreen campaign.

We recently joined forces with our long-term brand partner, and friend, Christopher Raeburn to help produce a "Tees & Trees" activation at this year's Bread & Butter event in Berlin. The event was part of Timberland's My PlayGreen campaign, which supports the creation, maintenance and improvement of green spaces in five European cities. At the "Tees & Trees" activation, attendees created custom shirts using our Agility® Heat Transfer and Woven Soft Seals solutions. The environment-inspired shirts featured a nod to Timberland's legendary logo and some of Raeburn's iconic graphics.

"By working with Avery Dennison we have been able to develop completely recycled patches, and with these focus on teaching responsible design in a really fun and upbeat way. It seems to be working and we are really proud." - Christopher Raeburn, Fashion Designer

While Christopher Raeburn's collaboration with Timberland is a great aesthetic pairing, it's also is evidence that the fashion industry – including luxury brands – is responding to the worldwide demand for more sustainable products. The event brought together people from across the industry to help imagine a greener future. From sensory experiences to recyclable packaging used for all products made at the event, this initiative fused fashion with sustainability in the same way one might connect, well, bread and butter.

"Hundreds of people were queuing up outside the Timberland booth to see the latest and most sustainable collection that the brand has ever done, working with Christopher Raeburn to achieve this. You can clearly understand that sustainability is not just the right thing to do, but that it is also really good business." - Michael Kaufmann, Global Business Development Director, Avery Dennison


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