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Timberland Pro launches performance-driven apparel for females

Timberland Pro has launched its first performance-driven apparel for women in response to a rapidly growing market.

The company said that the workwear brand’s first women’s performance apparel line was designed with the same “craftsmanship and innovation” as the Timberland Pro women’s footwear collection.

Based in Stratham, New Hampshire, the Timberland PRO brand was founded upon a mission to celebrate the unsung heroes of the workforce by developing shoes as tools that can aid said workers in carrying out their jobs.

The canvas Timberland Pro Gritman Bib Overalls are intended to be worn over work clothes for enhanced protection and to give wearers more pockets. The back panel and stretch straps are anatomically shaped to accommodate a woman’s physique.

The HyperCore Insulated Jacket 2.0 has an outer shell reinforced with RainRepel technology as well as mobility-enhancing Flex technology. The Timberland Pro Duck Double Front Utility Pant’s double front panels offer extra support when wearers are kneeling.

It is significant to mention here that as per Grand View Research, the global workwear market, valued at roughly US $ 16.7 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach US $ 29.1 billion by 2031, and many of the labourers suiting up in tough-wearing work apparel are women.


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