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2023 marks a big birthday for Timberland. Five decades in the game, its 50th-anniversary celebrations are spearheaded by an ongoing collaborative project in Future73 led by six industry leaders.

For the first release of the project, CLOT's Edison Chen leads the charge, offering a characteristic east-meets-west-inspired take on the iconic Timberland 6-Inch Boot.

Through its 50 years, Timberland has been a cornerstone of bootmaking, sharply becoming one of the world's most recognizable boots. Cherished by physical workers for their comfort and protective qualities while offering the finishing touches to the statement 'fits across the world's major cities, the 6-Inch Boot is undoubtedly a cultural icon revered for its timeless style.

Ensuring its anniversary celebrations are reflective of this, Timberland has put together an impressive slate of designers, forming the Future73 project.

Edison Chen kicks the project into gear, transforming the classic boot with a deep olive base, contrasted by a black tiger print that wraps the upper panels and an embossed Buddhist proverb that reads: “If this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also ceases to exist.”

What makes the drop all the more unique and indicative of CLOT's signature is the apparel that accompanies it.

Building a full uniformed look (something that it's assumed will be offered by each of the six designers involved in the Future73 project), Chen delivers a Kimono Chore Coat, Quilted Vest, Cargo Pants, Overshirt, Pullover Hoodie, Tee, and Quilted Wrap.

Available online now, Chen's take on Future73 sets a strong standard for the upcoming releases, which includes Nina Chanel Abney, Samuel Ross, Suzanne Oude Hengel, Humberto Leon, and Christopher Raeburn.


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