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Tom Ford Beauty: From Single Fragrance to Beauty Empire

One of the most recognizable names in the fashion world, Tom Ford has built an empire of sophistication, elegance, and class. Using refined cuts, classic fabrics and sharp silhouettes, his brand is the epitome of high fashion. When he decided to put his perfectionism and fashion-forwardness into a collection of makeup and beauty products, we were literally left gasping for air. And not a single product disappointed.

It seems like Tom Ford excels in absolutely anything he takes on. The man has changed the face of fashion at least twice, once at Gucci, again with his own label, been nominated for an Oscar for the both films he directed, edited magazines, befriended all of Hollywood and, somehow, remained likeable.

In an interview, Ford revealed that he had always wanted to do cosmetics, even as far back as his Gucci days adding that, “My intention was to do color cosmetics out of the gate, but not everyone else was convinced that I had a voice in color until the lipsticks started selling out again and again.” As an ambition come true, the new collection delights with a late ’70s Studio 54 aesthetic and is inspired by iconic stars such as Jerry Hall, Lauren Hutton and Bianca Jagger.

The line features highly pigmented eye and lip colors, skin cleansers, moisturizers, foundation sticks, primers, illuminators and sculpting products. Tom Ford’s makeup collections are always on trend and fresh from the runway. It is Tom Ford’s strong point of view that a defined beauty look allows a woman to fully express herself.

The Tom Ford Beauty is a collection of sumptuous cosmetics and extraordinary fragrances. It is designed to achieve ravishing feminine glamour and impeccable masculine style while amplifying individuality. This covetable collection fuses state-of-the-art beauty innovation and artisan-level craftsmanship with Tom Ford’s singular vision of modern glamour.


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