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Tom Ford’s new wonder lotions will have you looking like the man himself in no time

The immaculately turned-out arch-emperor of all things fashion and grooming has just added two new products to the Tom Ford Research line and they’re more than worthy of space on your bathroom shelf

Tom Ford is not one for doing things by halves. The men’s and womenswear collections he has produced at both YSL and Gucci – and latterly, of course, at his own brand – have long been universally celebrated; the first two films he wrote and directed were nominated for Academy Awards; and Ford’s signature fragrance lines are among the most sought-after on the market (try getting your hands on a bottle of Neroli Portofino between the months of June and August and you’ll see what I mean).

Another case in point is Ford’s Research skincare line, which was first launched in the summer of 2018. Conceived as a serious contender in the burgeoning high-level beauty sector, the original range of face creams and serums promised to rejuvenate and energise and they lived up to their word.

Now, just in time for our complete emergence from the doldrums of the pandemic, Ford has released the latest additions to his Research range, in the shape of a cleansing and toning lotion and an ultra-hydrating emulsion. Both imbued with the Research line’s trifecta of star ingredients (free radical-bashing white porcelain cacao, energising caffeine and protective gyokur), the products are designed to be used as part of a two-step programme, with an application of the Intensive Treatment Lotion to be followed by the Intensive Treatment Emulsion.

I was recently sent a few bottles to try and I can reveal that, once again, Ford’s products more than live up to their hype. The lotion, which is best applied with the assistance of some cotton wool pads, instantly refreshes and makes the face feel gently cleansed (though I would recommend using an exfoliator beforehand to sufficiently prepare the skin).

Once the lotion was dry I applied a few generous squirts of the emulsion to my hands before massaging it into my face. The liquid, I dare say, is even more hydrating than TF Research’s original moisturiser. I tend to have quite dry skin and the emulsion seemed to work better to help return it to my preferred glow. After an hour or so, the texture of my skin felt firm yet soft and I looked a little brighter, which is saying something as I first tried it out on a hazy Monday morning…

“My vision is to merge innovative skin science with true luxury to create transformative skincare regardless of skin type or gender. This is the reason I established Tom Ford Research,” says Ford of the new launch. “Working closely with a team of scientists, we developed a truly remarkable collection that delivers undeniable, visible results.”

Use both products morning and night for optimum results.

Intensive Treatment Emulsion by Tom Ford Research, £153 for 150ml.

Intensive Treatment Lotion by Tom Ford Research, £135 for 150ml.

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