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  • Sharon Edelson

Unpacking Moncler’s Epic 70th Anniversary Campaign

The spectacle in the shadow of the Milan Duomo. Moncler called it the Extraordinary Forever ... [+]


Fashion brands, particularly luxury players, trade not only in fabric and fibers, but in dreams that they hope will ignite desire in consumers and translate into ca-ching at the cash wrap. Even by luxury standards — remember Fendi’s 2020 fashion show at the Great Wall of China — Moncler’s campaign was over the top. The company declined to divulge how much it cost.

Moncler, an Italian outerwear maker marked its 70th Anniversary with the campaign. Its birthday provided the justification for an outsize celebration — as if a brand needs an excuse to partner with artists, actors and filmmakers or throw a mega-party — Moncler had plenty of reasons to choreograph a memorable 70th Anniversary brand campaign.

Moncler Maya 70 collaborations with seven designers, marked the conclusion of the 70th Anniversary, which kicked-off in September with a massive takeover of the Milan Duomo. It was quite a feat, with robust global reach across every touch point. The Moncler 70 by Sacai is the bridge between the anniversary and the next 70 years of the brand.

The worldwide impact of the celebration totaled 15.3 billion, in terms of reach, and 725.5 million in terms of engagement.

The worldwide impact of the brand campaign reached 180 million people; including 696,000 clicks; 18.8 million video views, and 9,000 billboards, bus shelters and wild postings.

An aerial view of the performance. COURTESY OF MONCLER

Then there was a dedicated microsite, which garnered 925,000 visits, while saw 24.9 million during the campaign’s 70 days. There was also a digital and social takeover, which saw organic and paid reach of 48 million and engagement of 261,000.

Ten cities were chosen as impact cities, including Milan, London, New York, Paris, Seoul, Chengdu, and Japan, recorded worldwide reach of 142 million. With an estimated total reach of 5.5 million in China, Moncler featured a take over of the exterior of Chengdu Tower, a Hangzhou media light show, and helipad in Shanghai.

Moncler declined to reveal the size of its business in Asia, but said. “We have a really strong brand perception in Asia, driving good consumer engagement across all key Asian markets.”

The campaign, which lasted for 70 days, celebrated extraordinary moments from Moncler’s 70- year journey with still and moving images, which the brand said were “rich in authenticity, personality and progressive moments.” But Moncler didn’t want to just dwell on the past, it also wanted to talk about the present and future of the brand.

“That said, among the multiple projects over the 70 days of the campaign celebration, [there] was the opportunity to leverage Moncler’s most iconic jacket, the Maya, but for this particular moment, it was redesigned by those who have been part of the history of the brand,” said Moncler.

The Moncler Maya was redesigned by Thom Browne, Pierpaolo Piccioli, Giambattista Valli, Hiroshi Fujiwara, Pharrell Williams, Rick Owens, and Francesco Ragazzi of Palm Angels, with content created by global icon, Platon, who photographed the seven collaborators in what was his first ever fashion campaign.

“Furthermore, as a wrap-up of this incredible celebration, just last week, we introduced a 70th Anniversary final collection, designed by Sacai’s Chitose Abe and a collection created to kick off the next 70 years of Moncler,” said the brand.

The finale of the Milano spectacle with white confetti showering on the mass of participants. COURTESY OF MONCLER

“Over the 70-day period we reached over 15 billion people around the Globe, and within that, the Duomo event, the first ever Moncler TV ad narrated by Alicia Keys, and the different city events around the globe were the big drivers of the reach and incredible engagement we saw with the brand,” said Moncler. “It was all powered by product launches and social and traditional media.”

Phase 2 of Milan city media featured 406 sites with a reach of 30 million sets of eyes.

The night of September 24, Moncler celebrated its 70 years at Piazza Duomo in Milan, taking over Fashion Week with the biggest choreographed show in Moncler’s history.

“This 70th Anniversary campaign was about sharing with everyone the journey of the brand, while showing who we are and where we are going,” said Moncler. “This was an emotional way to describe the journey of the brand, a journey that wasn't necessarily linear, but that was always looking to what is next and how to make things unique and special.”

The show at the Duomo attracted 18,000 spectators, and consisted of 1952 performers, including 700 dancers choreographed by Sadeck Waff and 200 musicians.

A film of the performance was directed by Etienne Russo with a 24- to 48-hour turnaround and a Livecam on two big screens at the Duomo. Meanwhile, media of the event included a takeover of Milan with out of home media throughout the city and QR codes driving users to the microsite.

A single dancer, a ballerina, performed at the Milan Duomo show. COURTESY OF MONCLER

A film of the performance was directed by Etienne Russo with a 24- to 48-hour turnaround and a Livecam on two big screens at the Duomo. Meanwhile, media of the event included a takeover of Milan with out of home media throughout the city and QR codes driving users to the microsite.

Don’t think for a minute that TikTok wouldn’t be a part of this extravaganza, especially in light of Moncler’s strong business in Asia. “As part of our 70th Anniversary event at the Duomo in Milano, we wanted to make sure we could extend the effect of the amazing choreography to communities around the globe,” said the brand.

“This is why we designed a challenge for Tik Tok/Douyin Mall with Sadek Waff, [the choreographer of the show]. This was able to drive not only strong results across the board, but strong results in our Asian markets,” Moncler said.

The TikTok branded mission and Douyin challenge reached 71.5 million people; The TikTok got 45.5 million views and Douyin, 45.5 million. Video views rolled in at 462 million; with 121 million for TikTok and 341 million for Douyin; UGC videos created hit 108,800 with TikTok getting 6,800 and Douyin, 102,000; engagement, 8.6 million, 199,000 TikTok, 8.4 million Douyin.

The film, narrated by Alicia Keys “was a very special landmark within our 70th Anniversary campaign,” said Moncler. “For us, it was critical to find a way to share the journey and the values of the brand with current and new generations of Moncler lovers. We were extremely lucky to get Alicia Keys involved in this project, and she was able to not just narrate but to emotionally connect with viewers all around the globe.”

The film marked the first ever TV ad for Moncler, on top of a comprehensive 2-minute edit, going through the past, present and future of the brand.

“This campaign and celebration were able to create a strong impact across all dimensions of the brand,” said Moncler.


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