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Virtual Customer Event // Marcolin 60th Anniversary

Marcolin is a worldwide leading company in the eyewear industry founded in 1961 in the heart of the Veneto district. It stands out for the unique ability to combine craftsmanship with advanced technologies through the constant pursuit of excellence and continuous innovation. Through its own direct network and global partners, Marcolin distributes its products in more than 125 countries.

2021, the 60th year from its foundation, represents the key moment to invest in its brand equity.

A logo celebrating Marcolin 60th anniversary has been developed as a tribute to the company’s heritage and craftsmanship: the logo marries the concept of the number 60, spectacles, and the infinity symbol.

Web Eyewear, Marcolin’s house brand, has designed two exclusive new sunglasses to celebrate Marcolin 60th anniversary. The collection, with its modern feel, stays true to the brand’s heritage in terms of luxury and elegance, two distinctive traits of its style.

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